In Elm Creek, Nebraska, a specialty Ag service company fills most of one of the blocks downtown. Stretched out along Tyler St. in two white buildings, the exterior doesn’t reveal as much as various lots around town, where massive grain dryers and shiny new seed tenders are parked in rows.

ADS Bulk Seed Buggy

Direct from factory – Built when ordered.

In the summer of 1999 Ag Dryer Services, Inc. began manufacturing a line of galvanized seed tenders designed to safely facilitate the handling of bulk seed and pro boxes in the field. After many hours spent with farmers, customers, and seed company representatives, our Elm Creek, NE design team produced and tested the first ADS Bulk Seed Buggy while maintaining it’s primary objective of building a simple, easy to use, and safe to operate seed tender.

The design has been constantly reviewed and updated to the present models, which we believe are the best on the market. We our the only manufacturer in the market that uses galvanized construction to reduce maintenance and add to the life and value of the seed tender.

GALVANIZED – what makes it better than paint…….

For countless industrial, outdoor, and marine applications, galvanized steel is an essential fabrication component. Galvanized steel goes through a chemical process that keeps it from corroding. The steel gets covered in layers of zinc because rust won’t attack this protective metal. One of the best methods is “hot dipped” galvanizing, where steel is submerged in melted zinc. Unlike paint which acts as a sealer by simply coating the surface, the process of hot dipping permanently bonds the zinc to the steel. Zinc also acts as a sacrificial layer in the event that rust does take hold of the surface. The zinc oxidizes, preventing corrosion from reaching the steel.

AG Dryer Services, Inc – Grain Dryer Service

Established in 1989, Ag Dryer Services, Inc. has crews specializing in grain dryer preseason service contracts, installation, construction, electrical work, and trouble shooting. Capable of doing repairs on grain dryers damaged by wind, fire and corrosion. We have equipment for installation of new and used grain dryers. Motor, fan and burner replacement is also available. Ag Dryer Services, Inc. specializes in updating and replacement of electrical systems, including the design and installation of Computer Based Systems. (PLC) Moisture control systems by Dryermaster are also available.

  • Parts Department with extensive inventory

  • Service Department

  • Construction Division